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  "Thank you Dave!! ... Although my web provider offers to send out newsletters for people like me, it is quite costly over a period of time. I purchased your AspNetEmail ... I got stuck on one item ... Not only did Dave get right back to me, but responded three times within a few hours until I got it! … I will not hesitate to order additional products because of the incredible customer support!"
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Do you have a network? Do you need to validate DNS server information? Do you want to immediately know who is visiting your site, and where they are coming from?

aspNetDns can satisfy all of these requirements and more. aspNetDns is server side component that can be used to look up any DNS server information. aspNetDns does not have a GUI, it can only be access programmatically using the Microsoft .NET framework.

aspNetDns can easily and effortlessly find DNS information for over 20 different record classes, both synchronous (blocking) and asynchronously. A partial listing of those classes include:

  • AAAA (IPv6) Record
  • Address Record
  • Canonical Name (CName) Records
  • Host Information Records
  • ISDN Records
  • MailBox (MB) Records
  • MailBox Rename (MR) Records
  • Mail Destination Records
  • Mail Exchange (MX) Records
  • Mail Forwarder Records
  • Mail Group Records
  • Mail Information Records
  • Name Server (NS) Records
  • NULL Records
  • Pointer (Reverse Lookup) Records
  • Responsible Person (RP) Records
  • Route Through (RT) Records
  • Start Of Authority (SOA) Records
  • Service (SRV) Records
  • Text (TXT) Records
  • Well Known Services (WKS) Records
  • X25 Records

Along with these classes, aspNetDns also includes advanced functionality for failover DNS servers, specifying DNS server timeouts, and many other advanced features. Be sure to check out our online demo here, to see aspNetDns in action.

The box is not shipped. aspNetDns is a downloadable product.